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Lowongan Pekerjaan Chevron


Providing Energy for Human Progress
Chevron is one of the world's largest integrated energy companies. Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., we conduct business worldwide. We are engaged in every aspect of the crude oil and natural gas industry, including exploration and production, manufacturing, marketing and transportation, chemicals manufacturing and sales, geothermal energy, and power generation. We're also investing in renewables and advanced technologies.

Company Roots
We trace our earliest roots to an 1879 oil discovery at Pico Canyon, north of Los Angeles, Calif., which led to the formation of the Pacific Coast Oil Co. That company later became Standard Oil Co. of California and, subsequently, Chevron. We took on the name "Chevron” when we acquired Gulf Oil Corp., in 1984, nearly doubling our worldwide proved oil and gas reserves. Our merger with Gulf was at that time the largest in U.S. history.

Another major branch of the family tree is The Texas Fuel Company, which was formed in Beaumont, Texas, in 1901. It later became known as The Texas Company and eventually Texaco. In 2001, our two companies merged. The acquisition of Unocal Corporation in 2005 strengthened Chevron's position as an energy industry leader, increasing our crude oil and natural gas assets around the world.

Global Scope
Our diverse and highly skilled global workforce consists of approximately 60,000 employees and about 4,000 service station employees.

In 2009, Chevron produced 2.7 million barrels of net oil-equivalent per day, 7 percent higher than in 2008. About 73 percent of that volume occurred outside the United States. Chevron had a global refining capacity of more than 2 million barrels of oil per day at the end of 2009.

Our marketing network supports retail outlets on six continents. And we have invested in 13 power-generating facilities in the United States and Asia.

Technology and Emerging Energy
Technology is propelling our growth. We're focusing on technologies that improve our chances of finding, developing and producing crude oil and natural gas.

We also are investing in the development of emerging energy technologies, such as finding better ways to make nonfood-based biofuels, integrating advanced solar technology into our operations and expanding our renewable energy resources.

Environment and Safety
As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities where we live and work.

We also care about the environment and are proud of the many ways in which our employees work to safeguard it.

Our persistent efforts to improve on our safe work environment continue to pay off. In 2009, Chevron maintained a days-away-from-work injury rate that is among the best in the industry.

Our Work
We recognize that the world needs all the energy we can develop, in every potential form. That's why our employees work daily to find newer, cleaner ways to power the world.

To sustain profitable growth and build the organizational capability, Chevron in Indonesia is now searching for experienced Indonesian nationals who posses relevant educational background, technical, and behavior competencies to join the company in the following opportunities :

IT Engineer
Summary of Job / Qualification

  • Responsible to manage application system, collecting, analyzing, and developing IT solution to support business operations as well as managing existing IT solutions. Also, involving in cross functional project and leads small projects
  • Has experience in Business Application & Information Management. Preferably has experience working in Information Technology in oil and gas industry
  • Has general knowledge of Information Technology (Infrastructure, Network, Database and Application).
  • Has knowledge of business requirement analysis and solution management
  • Has general knowledge and preferably certify in Microsoft application (Windows Vista, Office 2007 and other Microsoft applications)
  • Able to apply multiple technologies for integrated solutions, with assistance
  • Able to apply basic methods of his/her knowledge to the works and understands common practices
  • Able to solve conventional problems of moderate scope and complexity
  • Learns Chevron applications, processes & environment and develops IT skills
  • Able to communicate in oral and written English
  • Uses effective written & verbal skills to convey facts
  • Creates own framework to accomplish work
  • Reliable and cooperative contributor to group efforts
  • Develops relationships with others involved in field and in business functions
  • Easily work along with other team member with minimum supervision
  • Assists others as needed
  • Contribute to objectives of work unit
  • Education Level: S1 / D4
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Discipline:
  • Computer Engineering/Science
  • Informatics Engineering
  • Work Location: Rumbai, Riau
  • Work Schedule: 5-2
  • Minimum Relevant Experience : 4
  • Expired date: 31-10-2011

Marine Asset Specialist (Ext-149/TCL/EXP///2011)
General Qualification

  • Marine Engineer, Naval Architect, or Oceangoing Officer, Master or Engineer diploma
  • Minimum 3 years experience for vessel inspection & audit in the marine operations of oil and gas industry, shipyard, or ship owning/management
  • Willing to relocate to any of Chevron operating locations (East Kalimantan/Sumatera)
  • Desiring to work in a multicultural and diverse organization
  • Willing to conduct vessel inspection in any of Indonesian waters, or overseas

Skill Requirements

  • Familiarity with all applicable Indonesian and International marine safety standards and regulations.
  • Understanding of marine technologies appropriate to marine support in the oil and gas industry sector.
  • Knowledge of HES and contract management
  • Knowledge and experiences in Marine Safety
  • Strong in analysis, fostering collaboration and teamwork
  • Strong English communication skills in writing and speaking
  • Having good presentation skill
  • Customer focus
  • Proficient in operating personal computer with MS Office software.

Specific Qualifications

  • Conduct vessel inspections using standard Checklists referring to update IMO standards, Flag State, Indonesian government and Company's procedures
  • Establish professional survey report, issue findings and recommendations, and pursue close out of the gaps
  • Understand multiple types and functions of offshore vessels: AHTS, PSV, DSV, TUB, CB, RIV, LCT, TB and barge (fluid, material).
  • Understand DP (Dynamic Positioning) System.
  • Able to identify issues, problems, and opportunities.
  • Assist superior in the vessel performance improvement programs.
  • Education Level: S1 / D4
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Discipline:
  • Marine Engineering
  • Naval Engineering
  • Work Location: All Location (Sumatra/Riau, East Kalimantan, Jakarta/Java)
  • Work Schedule: 5-2
  • Minimum Relevant Experience: 4
  • Expired date : 21-10-2011

Team Manager Plant Operation & Maintenance
High Level Job Summary / Scope

  • Managing Operations and Maintenance of CoGeneration Facilities to maintain incident free operation and high reliability.
  • Develop work program to maintain and to improve personnel competencies.
  • Interfacing with customers to integrate Operational activities and to optimize the availability of power and steam.
  • Managing Proactive Maintenance program for the gas turbines, Duct Fired Heat Recovery Steam generators and the balance of plant.


  • Education Background : Engineering degree (S1) in Mechanical or Electrical or Instrumentation and Control.
  • Working Experience Required (years and disciplines):
  • Experienced minimum 3 years in leadership roles of power plant operations and minimum 5 years in overall leadership roles.
  • Experienced minimum 5 years in turbo machinery maintenance with minimum 3 years in gas turbine.
  • Experienced minimum 15 years in overall engineering and petrochemical or power plant industry.
  • Experienced in waste heat recovery or boiler operations and maintenance is an advantage.
  • Criteria:
  • Leadership:
  • Demonstrated strong leadership behaviors to drive team members to build and maintain safety culture and business objectives.
  • Demonstrated strong leadership in motivating people.
  • Demonstrated good assimilation/adaptation in diverse working environment.
  • Technical Knowledge and Skills:
  • Knowledgeable in business aspects of power plant operations to achieve safe, reliable and cost effective operations.
  • Knowledgeable in decision making process.
  • Knowledgeable in Maintenance Management.
  • Familiar with Cogeneration Facilities is an advantage.
  • Special/Specific Knowledge Required:
  • Knowledgeable in Gas Turbine operations and maintenance.
  • Knowledgeable in waste heat recovery unit or boiler is advantage.
  • Other Important Information:
  • Willing to work in Riau province with the family.
  • Job nature will require extended working hour occasionally to ensure that production down time is at minimum level.
  • Education Level: S1 / D4
  • Minimum GPA: 2.75
  • Discipline:
  • Electrical Engineering (Power)
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Work Location: Duri, Riau
  • Work Schedule: 5-2
  • Minimum Relevant Experience: 4
  • Expired date : 31-10-2011

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