Saturday, October 15, 2011

20 Spesies hewan yang baru ditemukan di bumi ini


Inilah penemuan 20 spesies dalam 10 tahun terakhir di bumi dan telah resmi diidentifikasi versi National geographic.

1.Return of the Jedi

2.Emperor of the Scorpions

3. A Whisker Away From Obscurity
4. Composting “Cockroach”
5. Dinospider
6. Do-gooding Dragon
7. Sticking Points
8. Follow Your Nose
9. The Better to See You With
10. Heavyweight Chomp
12.Ambush Predator
13.Eyes Without a Face
14. Shocking Discovery
15.Far-out Find
16.Sympathy for the Devil
17.Sweet Beak

18. Orally Fixated

19. Ant of a Different Stripe

20.Walking Shark


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